Thursday, August 6, 2009


PLEASE HELP BEAT THE INJUSTICE OF PROP 215 IN CA. YOU CAN HEAR AUDIO STASH ON july 16 or my blog I need all the patients support in the case and we need win to protect this law. Protest to state and Van Nuys court. Thanks in advance. Copy and past every where.

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I also give thanks to , , as well as all the patients of prop 215

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I just the other day got a phone call from one of my patients. I was at work, the patient told me that the prosecutor in this case ( a woman ) called to com firm again the fact that I was their caregiver! I had already given the state a list of patients. The patient again said yes he was and still is my caregiver! But the prosecutor insisted on driving to their home to com firm in person and they set a time up for the next day. First of all why is the prosecutor insisting on meeting my patient with out my attorney present???? So I had my patient to leave their home and go stay with a friend for a couple nights. It all sounded a little fishy to me! So at the set time between them arrived! NO prosecutor!!! Just detectives and cops who are supposed to protect patients, ( without ) the lady prosecutor! Smells like injustice to me. First of all why is the state trying to talk to the patients again and again? They have always claimed the medical plants was theirs. Does the state not know that my patients have rights too? So now the patients are fearing the state and their ways of collecting info from the patients themselves with out a legal attorney being present! Feels as if the state prosecutor are trying to confuse the facts in this case of injustice!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Mail to: Prop. 215 injustice
16815 Victory Blvd. #223
Van Nuys, CA. 91406

Why we as a state have a budget problem!

Just so all the citizens of The State of California know, I work in the mortgage crisis field of this bail out mess which means that I help the resident's of this state save their homes from foreclosers and predatory loans! How does this state think I can help out the up side down property values and all the hardship our country is facing when the majority of my time is spent defending this very law that they passed in 1996, Prop 215. I save homes and help give care to the people of The State of California and in return for such care I still face a jury trial on this matter? As we speak, one of those jury members could be facing foreclosure or worse, actually being kicked out of their home with no where to go and no one to turn to as I am stuck waisting my time fighting my own "legal rights"!

Brian K Phillips

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

INJUSTICE AGAINST PROP 215! case# LA059891 Van Nuys, CA. To all the legal patients of prop 215, I need your help. I Brian Phillips, caregiver, have been charged with illegal growing of my patients plants. The patients and I the caregiver lived in the same house. They were raided and robbed of their plants and lights. I admit to and have been given permission to take care of their plants and provide other services such as picking up their medication for them. Some of the patients have had surgical operations on their backs. Some have mental problems and some have other reasons for the medications. Either way they are all legal by law and so am I to provide their care for them. Most of them shared a house and had their own rooms while the plants were growing in the garage. Even with them admitting to the investigators that the plants were in fact theirs, I was still charged with growing marijuana illegaly. The patients were not charged even after admitting the plants were theirs and the state does not believe that I was in the legal right to help them with their needs and care of them as it is written in the law. Section 11362.5 of the State Health and Safety Code clearly gives me the right as a primary caregiver and I am not subject to criminal prosecution or sanction. I have taken some patients to their out patient surgery and even waited for them and carried them back home as they were unable to do so themselves. This house just so happened to be both of ours and I even put them in bed. Some of the patients who did not live at the house could spend the weekends so they could medicate in private. We are all friends of three years time and none of them had the same doctors. There is no evidence of wrong doing on anyone’s part in this matter and they are just like you, legal patients. I was even given the legal right by the patients and they signed me in as "legal caregiver" to the stores that provide such medications. The stores also operate legally and pay their taxes on the medication sold. The state of California has collected millions of dollars in taxes from the legal stores. The state offered a plea, but I did not accept it. Why would I plea guilty to something I did not do, i.e. provide care for patients illegaly. So I ask all the patients to show up in court to protest this injustice! Remember, these are also your rights that are up at stake here. So I will be in a jury trial on August 17 in Van Nuys, CA. and I ask all patients that can protest this PLEASE show your support for your right to have a caregiver! The laws says you can have more than one primary caregiver per patient. It also says the caregiver can help them with the care of the plants and their health care in general. The plants were not even flowering or blooming as of the robbery meaning none of the plants were usable product of medication, just stems and leaves. I was arrested on 08/22/08 at 8:35 am my booking number was 1595670, I was charged with an F- 11358HS cultivation of marijuana. Please email the state in protest to this injustice, as well I would personally like to hear from you and read your thoughts. I must win this case to protect the prop 215 laws as well as the patients rights to their medications. I have even included a marijuana expert to show that there was no usable product. Please email everyone in this protest including the prosecutor in this case. # LA059891 Van Nuys, CA

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